The initials of H.E.A.L stand for Holistic Energy Abundant Living and that is the ultimate goal of our mission.

  • We aim to inspire and facilitate the development of a global network of people, groups and projects which are based on principles of ethical, sustainable & abundant living servicing humanity.
  • We have been primarily focused on holistic healing and the initiation or the support of children’s projects
  • We have chosen holistic healing to awaken our inner being in a physical, emotional, mental & spiritual way
  • In the children’s projects we focus on their holistic health & education, as well as their well-being & spiritual development.
  • We also aim towards improving other social aspects of life such as poverty alleviation, youth engagement vocational training and small business support of under-privileged groups & communities

Holistic Health Projects - Past, Present & Future

Health Oasis Resort – Thailand


Thai Traditional Medicine Hospital –Thailand

Discount Tour & Travel Agency –Thailand

Healthy Choices & Light Waves Trading –Thailand

Royal Grace Center –Thailand

Welll Club memberships – Global

Welll Businesses – Global

Children Projects - Past, Present & Future

Healing Child Center & Community – Thailand

Royal Grace International School – Thailand

Abha Light Foundation – Kenya

Projeto Das Criancas – Brazil

Illuminating Birth Center – Thailand

Illuminated Children Orphanage – Thailand

Share Tanzania

Abha Seva Sadam – India

Child Visons Orphanages – Global

Socio Economic Project

Human Worth Exchange – Global

This globally oriented project envisions an alternative economic system based on valuing human energy in a brilliant economic calculation & utilizing the barter exchange of this value among people using a blockchain technology.

It also measures how energy is utilized and rewards its selfless use or penalizes its selfish one. It is indeed a very exciting project and resonates with our principles of abundance but most importantly it targets as its prime beneficiaries, children in vulnerable living conditions. www.humanworth.exchange